Michael Liang

Reflections on design. Living a creative life, fully. Putting ideas into words.


Recently, I’ve realized that my website no longer reflects the work I want to be making nor represents how I’m thinking about design. It became a record of past efforts rather than an exploration of current curiosity.

This past year has been a period of extraordinary growth, in large part because of my graduate program. In order to process and document our learning, each month we write a reflection, on top of our other papers and assignments. The more I’ve written, the more I remember how much I enjoy the process of writing. For many years, I did have a journaling practice, namely Musings of a Wandering Artist (2006-2009) and Ranger Mike Designs (2009-2011). These blogs are precious records of my experience as an art school student, summer park ranger, study abroad traveler, and young design professional within the National Park Service.

Interestingly, these blogs were always separate from my portfolio website, which was typically a simple gallery of creative work. While michael-liang.com has served as a professional landing page, it hasn’t been very dynamic.

By switching the website from a slideshow portfolio site to a blog, I hope to achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide a platform for a written reflective practice

  2. Visually represent and reinforce the work that interests me right now

  3. Pull back the curtain on the creative process and publicly experiment, tinker, reflect, evaluate, fail, play

  4. Contribute to the discourse of design thinking

Can we still see your previous body of work?

Yes, in addition to my official portfolio and resume, I’ll periodically post about past projects. In previous iterations of my website, I’ve focused on just the images, rarely the backstory or significance of a piece. With more than a decade of creative work to access, I’m especially interested in identifying why a particular work might feel pivotal or trajectory-changing.

What other content should we expect to see?

I plan to include inspiration, such as what I’m watching, reading, or listening to, and current works-in-progress.

Gatherings, Plastic, & Seasonal Training